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Here you'll find Used Drum Kits for sale, fully refurbished of course.

Drum Parts.

Handbuilt Stave Snare Drums and Handbuilt Hardwood Cajons.


My stave snare drums are handmade in my Stowmarket workshop.

Quality hardwoods are responsibly sourced and worked into stunning snare drum shells.

You can purchase fully built snare drums. Shells with bearing edges and snare beds cut or just a plain shell.

Stave snares use less glue than ply shells meaning that you hear more of the natural woody sound of the drum. The drums are carved into a round shape making them stronger and more stable than their ply cousins.

My snares are finished to a very high standard. Bearing edges are cut at 45 degrees with a slight roundover. Snare beds are hand cut to a high standard. All shells have an oil finish and are polished to a satin sheen, all by hand of course.

If you are on a budget, I can build your drum with pre-owned hardware, alternatively you can send me your chosen hardware to add to your handbuilt shell.

Drums can be built to order but I always have some ready to go.

Please enquire for prices and available woods.


A cajon (meaning "box") is a wonderful versatile instrument originating from Peru. Traditionally an instrument used in Flamenco music, the cajon has recently increased in popularity due to many musicians using them as a portable drum kit when quieter performance or practice is required. They can be played with the hands, with sticks, mallets or even a bass drum pedal.


My handbuilt cajons are made with 12mm and 9mm Baltic Birch plywood with a very thin 3mm tapa (playing surface). This gives a fantastic bass response as well as sensitive snare response. All cajons are made with snare wires, giving a fuller sound than the traditional guitar string setup.


All cajons have a stunning hand rubbed oil finish and can be made with or without adjustable snares.


All cajons are 450mm x 300mm x 300mm. Other sizes can be built to order.

Please get in touch for prices and availability.



I always have a few good quality 2nd hand drum kits in stock. Usually for new students but now and again I have a few for sale to the public. Please check back here for availability. All kits are fully refurbished and serviced by me.

Hardware and Parts


I have a good stock of used and nearly new hardware and parts for sale. Please get in touch for stock list and prices.


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